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Posted by jerryhicks4gs on September 1, 2008

Certification officer launches investigation into unite




The government appointed certification officer has launched an enquiry into an alleged breach of law over the right of Unite Joint General Secretary Derek Simpson to remain in office beyond his retirement date. The complaint was first submitted in May 2008 by Jerry Hicks former Executive council member of Amicus, who in 2005 won his case against Rolls Royce when victimised for his trade union activities.Using the same legal opinion given to Derek Simpson, who successfully challenged Sir Ken Jackson in 2002, Mr Hicks questioned Mr Simpson’s right to remain as General Secretary after his period of office was extended by a year to beyond retirement age following the merger of Amicus and the TGWU to form Unite.

The challenge to Derek Simpson’s right to remain in office without an election was not so long ago described as having ‘no chance’ by detractors. Indeed, the union (wrongly) stated back in May that they had ‘no case to answer’ as the complaint had been rejected. But Unite the union has now been given until the 12th September 2008 to provide its defence and arguments to the Certification Office. 

The enquiry represents a step closer to the prospect of an election for General Secretary having to be called. Under the rules of the merger with the TGWU Joint General Secretary Tony Woodley could be forced to stand down early and an election held next year for a new General Secretary for all the 1.9 million members of Unite.

Unite is also the largest single donator to the Labour party, £11 million since 2005 where £1.5million of which was in the last ¼ year meaning 41% of total donations.



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