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Are Unite about to make a big mistake?

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on October 8, 2008



An emergency meeting of the National Executive of Unite, Britain’s biggest trade union is taking place on Thursday October 9th to discuss the legal challenge to Derek Simpson launched by former Rolls Royce Convenor and  Amicus Executive member Jerry Hicks.At the meeting Derek Simpson will seek authorisation from the Executive to suspend the rulebook that was voted in by 95.3% of all members of Unite in a ballot held two months ago. He will then seek nomination to stand for election as General Secretary in the Amicus section of Unite for a period of office until 2010.

But such a move to suspend the rulebook, or deny all members a vote in an election, could spark additional legal challenges from members of Unite.

Jerry Hicks said today

“The National Executive are about to make a big and very costly mistake and that they have been extremely ill advised as to their authority in this matter”.Mr Hicks is equally convinced that any decision to suspend the rule book will be successfully challenged and that at some point either before during or after the election it will be declared invalid and so immediately trigger the need for a further election.

The new rulebook is due to come into force on the 1st November and would abolish the separate sections of the union. With a successful challenge from Jerry Hicks an election for a new General Secretary would have to be held for the whole of Unite next year.

The legal challenge to Unite Joint General Secretary Derek Simpson questioned his right to remain in office beyond 65 without an election, and is still under investigation by the government appointed Certification Officer.

Derek Simpson and others once described the legal challenge as having ‘no chance’ of success. But in a swift about face Derek Simpson met last Sunday morning in Wetherby with Unite Officers and supporters to organise for an election in advance of the emergency National Executive meeting.

Mr Hicks has announced that if there is to be an election either as a result of his legal challenge or by way of the latest developments then he will stand as a candidate for a new General Secretary despite the fact it may well have to be re-run.


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