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Posted by jerryhicks4gs on October 20, 2008


A full-time official of Unite-Amicus has given notice of the possible closure of its Newcastle Central Branch prior to the crucial branch nomination period for the Unite-Amicus General Secretary election in November. Each candidate in the General Secretary election requires at least 25 branch nominations in order to be a contestant. The Newcastle branch had made it clear that they were seeking to nominate Jerry Hicks, a candidate for Amicus General Secretary, in an election called following a legal challenge to Derek Simpson by Jerry Hicks.

The chairman of the branch is a former union employee who was sacked by Derek Simpson in 2006 along with two other employees, found by a tribunal to have been unfairly dismissed. The news also comes following the dismissal of two more union employees, thought to have been recently sacked for having fallen out with the Joint General Secretary Derek Simpson.

Also members in the GMPU print workers section are up in arms as it comes to light that some branch funds have been redirected back to head office with little or no discussion. It is estimated that possibly up to £million could have been taken from the full time regional based sector branches. The former GPMU section of Unite held election of officers and members have consistently spoken against the appointment of officers and lack of accountability in Unite.

Jerry Hicks says “these examples are outrageous and for a host of other reasons is precisely why things have to change at the very top and that this election for General Secretary offers us the best chance to do just that”.

Please note: Contact Jerry so you can get his details that Branches and Reps will be required to give in order to nominate him. 078 178 279 12



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