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Fujitsu ‘Not having IT all their own way’

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on January 10, 2010

Fujitsu are not having ‘IT’ all their own way

The first ever national strike in IT is an inspiration and is to be applauded.

The Unite union members in Fujitsu striking to defend their jobs, pay and pensions do so against a profitable company who blatantly seeks to take advantage of the economic crisis.

Fujitsu bosses as like many other employers, hope that their employees feeling of general insecurity would make them swallow compulsory job losses, the closure of the final salary pension scheme to new starts and a pay freeze.

Magnificently the workers haven’t succumbed and have chosen to fight back, their courage strengthens us everyone in the trade union movement.

It is understood that the strike action has already forced Fujitsu bosses to back down on some of the demands.

Jerry Hicks said “I will be doing all I can to support these workers knowing that a victory here makes it far more likely everywhere”.

Whoever wins the next General Election election, cuts and attacks are staring every workplace, every union member in the face.

Labour would legislate to halve the deficit. £75bn in cuts and even more Privatisation. The Liberals have said they would make savage cuts. George Osborne the Tory shadow chancellor boasted that within 3 months of being in office they would be the most unpopular Government since the 2nd World War.

This year will see two elections. Both are likely to be defining moments. The General Election and the election for General Secretary of the country’s biggest trade union ‘Unite’.

Given the size and make up of Unite, it makes the election for the union’s General Secretary the most significant union election for decades.


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