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To all Branches/Chapels and members

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on March 14, 2010

For the attention of the Branch/Chapel and members:

 From Jerry Hicks Unite member Bristol:

 I write to you about the election for General Secretary (GS) of Unite which this time round will involve the whole union, unlike last year’s election for Joint General Secretary which was only held in the Amicus section.

 As yet there is no definite date or timetable set for the election, though it is extremely unlikely to be held or even announced during the run up to the General Election. However it has to happen this year.

With the election for a single General Secretary ahead of us it’s worthwhile for a moment looking at where we are right now.

We are a year on from the election held in the Amicus section of unite and sadly, in my view we are in an even worse position than we were then. With the economy in tatters and our members in the firing line, the union continues to be run as a business and not a service.

Again and again member’s say they feel even more distant from the leadership and even more remote from decision making leaving them feeling both angry and vulnerable. Our members need and deserve a lot more from our union!

There is in my view a lack of clear, bold leadership in our union for which they, the leadership bear a collective responsibility for where we are and how we got here. They have either agreed with the decisions and direction of the union or have not being able or willing to change them.

Already a number of candidates have come forward though with the exception of myself, I am not an official or employee of the union, they are all senior national officials. Whilst I have no axe to grind with any other prospective candidate I believe they have become ‘part of the problem and not the solution’.

Given their positions they are more able to contact members or appear in the union publications.

Our campaign on the other hand is doing precisely what we promised and that is, involving and engaging, supporting and organising, with and for the members. These last few days and weeks especially, in that our latest leaflet  which lots of our supporters have been taking to workplaces, is aimed at informing members of the GS election, the importance of it and where we stand.

For many this is the first they have known about it.

It will require sufficient nominations to progress and I do not underestimate that task. More of the same won’t do, members need and deserve a lot better than another false dawn. We confounded all the sceptics by coming second last time with nearly 40,000 votes and we believe that this time we can go one better.

We are in it to win it and we want to win it to be able to change the union. Where it’s  good we want it to be fantastic, where its OK we want it to be great and where it’s wrong we want it to make it right.

Change from a ‘can’t do’ union to a ‘can do’ union, from a campaigning union to a fighting union, from a remote and distant union to an inclusive involving union where members decide and the union provides.

Not change in the form of top down dictates but change from below from the workplaces, branches, sectors and regions that will be given authority and independence over decisions and direction, change at the top helping to bring about change from the bottom up.

Some of the issues I stand for:

· Election of all officials.

· Repeal of anti union laws and when necessary confront them.

· A General Secretary on an average members wage.

· Members decide while the union provides.

· Mergers that make us stronger not just bigger.

· Prioritise: Public ownership: Pensions: The creation of one million ‘Green’ jobs.

· Public works programme, first 3100 jobs offered to blacklisted construction workers

· Make the ‘Peoples charter’ happen.

If you wish to and are able to help with the leafleting please let me know, in many places there are already small (or large!) groups of supporters organising themselves, let me know if you would like to be put in touch with others, by phone, email or meeting up.

If you agree with some, most, or the majority of what you have read, please would you consider supporting me in my campaign for General Secretary by way of an invitation for me to speak, by nomination at the designated branch meeting or by making a financial donation, details below.

I will be relying upon the generosity of individuals and the belief that collectively, when determined people come together ‘all things are possible’.

If you wish to help, want to know more, or make a donation

Please contact me by either of the following ways

Tel: 07817827912


Or write to me at: 10 York Road, Montpelier, Bristol; BS6 5QE.

Please make cheques made payable to JerryHicks4GS

All donations will be receipted, and a record of all transactions will be available for inspection. Please note that the new unite rule book does allow for donations to be made from branch funds up until to the time the election is called.

And a look at the recent you tube clip: ‘organising the union’.


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