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NEC Elections 20011/2014

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on January 9, 2011

 Re: Election for Unite National Executive Committee [NEC].

Can I again convey a massive thank you for your support in our campaign for General Secretary last year.
We did remarkably well by finishing second and in doing so beating not one but two Assistant General Secretary’s was incredible [next time eh?].Our principles, policies and message was fundamentally different to any of the other candidates and we offered members a ‘real alternative.

The Election of all Officials.
Fighting anti union laws and confronting them when necessary.
Only supporting Labour MP’s or Councillors who support our members and our unions policies.

Now we must do the same in the election for the new Unite NEC. A number of people have contacted me and I am asking you to support the following candidates, some of which will be under the banner of ‘Grass Roots Left’, which I really like!

South West Region: Jon Locke Tel: 0776953660 & Doreen (known as Kelly) Roberts Tel: 07931820898.

London and Eastern Region: Mark Evans Tel: 07967325363 and David Beaumont Tel: 07973809527

North East, Yorkshire & Humber Region: Kenny ward Tel: 07831252647 and Ray Smith Tel: 07711080607

Wales Region: Ken Young Tel: 07883300865

West Midlands Region: Martin Hartnett Tel: 07983912670

Vehicle Building & Automotive Sector: Sergio Fellino Tel: 07738103064 or 07876474495

Aerospace & Shipbuilding Sector: Neil Armitage Tel: 07758803594

Construction Sector: Russ Blakely Tel: 07713702063

Candidates will require nominations from Branches and or workplaces. Every Branch and workplace are entitled to nominate.

Nominations must be made at a meeting held in the period 10 January 2011 to 7 February 2011.

If you would like to stand under the banner of ‘Grass Roots left’ or for any other information please contact me

Keep on keeping on,

Jerry. Tel: 07817827912


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