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‘Sparks fly as protests build’.

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on September 12, 2011

Press Release: Immediate 12/09/2011

In the week that the TUC meet in London unofficial protests by electricians and fitters at high profile construction sites are spreading across the country.

The protests are over the threat by eight major Joint Industry Board (JIB) contractors to withdraw from the nationally negotiated agreement by March 2012. Paving the way for hourly rates to be slashed by up to %35 and de-skilling of electrical industry.

Over the last few weeks hundreds of workers have been targeting sites in London, however, in an escalation of the dispute, last Wednesday saw simultaneous demonstrations in London, Newcastle and Manchester.

There is clearly a lot of anger and electricians won’t stand for it, these rank and file, grass roots protests will only get bigger.

The next focus for the protesters is the prestigious London Olympic site in Stratford on the 14th September, deliberately singled out to put the employers under the spotlight.

Future meetings to organise protests are being planned in, Hull, Cardiff and Liverpool as well as in Scotland where it will see its first demonstration at the Grangemouth oil refinery near Glasgow on Wednesday.

Interestingly, up to now Unite the union has kept away from protests although an officer from London did show up at the most recent demo.

One of the organisers, Alan keays said “it was great to see one of our officials at the Shard, a real boost for the protestors. All being well, Unite will get behind its members and organise a ballot for industrial action”.
He went on to say that whatever happens the obvious anger of rank & file union members means that they will continue protesting up to Christmas and beyond if necessary. Indeed plans are being made to get round all the sites where one of the eight is working.


Notes to editor:
The Olympic site is situated in Stratford, Pudding Mill Lane and the protest will be on Wednesday14th September beginning at 630am -830am. There will be similar protests elsewhere on the same day

The eight contractors are NG Bailey Building Services, Crown House Technologies, SES, Balfour Beatty Engineering Services, Tommy Clarke, Gratte Brothers, MJN Colston, and SPIE Matthew Hall.

NG Baileys one eight of the companies who intend to pull out of the national agreement is also heavily involved in the blacklisting of union activists, has 10 years work on the massive Crossrail project in London.

For more information contact Alan Keys on

Or telephone Jerry Hicks on 07817827912


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