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Grass Roots Left National Conference Nov 5th : Don’t miss the fireworks

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on November 3, 2011

Grassroots Left National Conference November 5:

Don’t miss the fireworks!

Independent of the Union machine- Reclaiming the unions for the members

Free from the control of ‘appointed’ officials

 Get involved: Find out more: Be part of it.

Jerry Hicks: “Six months ago saw the launch of the ‘Grassroots Left’ at a conference convened following the incredible 52,527 votes that we managed to get when I finished as runner up in the Unite General Secretary election.

“Conference elected an interim Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and National Committee, deferring the adoption of a constitution and to hold a recall meeting in 6 months . So here we are!”

‘Grassroots Left’ National Conference
Birmingham 12 noon to 4pm Saturday 5th November 2011
Comfort Inn Conference Room, Station Street, B5 4DY.
Opposite New St Station
All supporters of the Grassroots Left welcome.

Speakers and discussion:
Elections/Constitution and decisions:
Activities: Who’s been doing what and where. Including ‘Rank and File sparks dispute’, ‘Fighting anti-cuts campaigns’, ‘November 30th  massive public sector pensions strike’, ‘UCATT GS election’, ‘Simpson’s £361,000 dubious severance payment and how we intend to get it back’.

Whether it’s ‘Unions and members’, ‘Politicians and electorate’, ‘the rich and the poor’

The gap has never been wider and the need for an alternative has never been greater

The disconnected, disengaged and disaffected millions are precisely those who should be part of the Grassroots Left to fight for everyone’s future.

In contrast to the slogans of the TUC, many trade union leaders and the Labour party leadership of  ‘Cut’s yes, but not so fast and not so deep’
We say, “It’s not a crisis of our making so we why should we be made to pay with our jobs, pay, pensions and services?
We oppose all austerity cuts that adversely affect working people whether initiated by the Con/Dem government, EU, IMF or World Bank.

  • Democratic unions with the election of all officials
  • Elected by the members, not appointed by the GS or a panel
  • Confronting anti-union and other unjust laws in the UK and EU
  • For a fighting union, not just a campaigning one
  • For public ownership not privatisation.

Be part of the Grassroots Left – fighting for a bottom up, member led, member controlled opposition

Not in Unite? Come along or get in touch about meeting GRL supporters in your union or sector

Contact us: email 07817827912 and
Please let us know if you can make it… Jerry Hicks


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