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Unite NEC election for LGBT seat: Nominate Lesley Mansell.

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on November 15, 2011

Following Unite’s first rules conference, two additional seats have been agreed for our Disabled and LGBT membership for election onto your Executive Council. Nomination papers will be sent directly to all branches and Chapels workplace reps need to contact their regional secretary to request a form.

All Unite Branches, workplaces and Chapels can nominate. All Unite members can vote in this election. The timetable for these elections is as follows…

Nominations period is: 14th November to 6 January :                                    Ballot period is: 30th January to 22nd February :

SUPPORT LESLEY MANSELL : SEE HER LETTER BELOW :                                    Hi my name is Lesley Mansell and I am asking you to support my nomination to the first Unite NEC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) seat.

I am standing with the support of the Grass Roots Left as I firmly believe that

Unite must be a member led, member controlled organisation, free from the control of appointed officials. Our union can never be truly democratic until all full time officials are elected by us, the members and accountable to us the members.

We must become a fighting union, not just a campaigning union, actively supporting all our members in struggle, revitalising branches and increasing our lay democracy. Above all we need to make our Equality structure a model for genuine involvement of LGBT members and other equality groups as well.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) cannot be discriminated against at work and must have the same access to goods and services as everyone else. We have these legal rights because many of us stood up and fought for them.

I was a founder member in 1989 of Lesbians and Gays in MSF and led the campaign to repeal the obnoxious Section 28, for equal rights at work and to include bisexual and trans people in the work of the TUC. In 2005 the TUC awarded me the prestigious Gold badge for this work. I am currently Co-Chair of the Bristol NHS LGBT Group.

In today’s dire economic climate there is still a need for Unite to be supporting LGBT members as we can be the first to go during any cut backs.

I work in the NHS as an Equality Manager and have held similar roles in Councils, Education and the Voluntary Sector. I started my trade union activity as a convenor in engineering. I am a Labour party member and Chair the Town Council.

My details required for the nomination form are:
Constituency: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Seat
Name: Lesley Mansell :
Membership number: 30052814
Region: South West: Sector: NHS Branch: Avon Staffs:

Vote for Lesley Mansell the experienced candidate and vote for:

 A member led member controlled democratic union.
 All Officials elected by the members, not appointed by the General Secretary or a panel.
 Confronting anti-union and other unjust laws in the UK and EU.
 A fighting union, not just a campaigning one.
 Public ownership not privatisation.

For more information do contact me at:
Mobile 07980 695117 Email:



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