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Some pensioners are better off than others. And some of us want to do something about it!

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on November 19, 2011

A letter of request to Unite for inspection of records has been submitted as preparation to recover members money –

That being the obscene and in the opinion of a huge number of Unite members an absolutely unwarranted severance payment of £361,000 made to the outgoing General Secretary Derek Simpson when he ‘retired’!

Despite the fact that Jerry Hicks had written to Unite in August and again in September, laying out the method by which to achieve a successful conclusion they [Unite and the General Secretary Len McCluskey] chose to ignore the correspondence and failed to reply at all.

Worse still than this contemptuous attitude, is the decision by Unite and the NEC not to make any attempt to recover Mr Simpson’s severance payment [members money – £361,000]. This information acquired from a third party.

Unite have 28 days by which to comply with the request for inspection of records, which was sent to them on the 1st of November.

Jerry Hicks said “Unite may not see this as an important enough issue but I and many others do.”

Let no one be in any doubt that there is a determination to put right this wrong doing.

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