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Sparks ‘Rank and File’ update.

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on November 28, 2011

Con-Grattes brothers.
There’s someone in the foyer to see you!

Some of the stuff that’s been going on………….
Last week sparks and supporters were protesting in/at Corus on Teeside, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, London, Glasgow and more.

Around the country there were more Towns and Cities holding rank and file meetings for the first time.

The action is spreading far and wide, Scottish sparks protested in Glasgow last Saturday. There was a 30 strong sparks rank and file meeting in Cardiff where they elected a committee and have targeted a site for a protest. Sheffield is having a meeting this week.

While in London following the Kings Cross demo, about 60 sparks headed off to Gratte Brothers Head Office, a 10 minute walk from the Crossrail site. Around 30 managed to get into the main foyer, then and locked themselves in. Loud, proud and right in their faces. The sparks demanded to see managing director and, asked where the blacklist files were hidden and if Grattes were taking on!

This was a new and very effective tactic, and should be considered in the future. Please google the rogue 7 firms to find out the addresses of their HQ’s and turn up on the doorsteps, maybe best not to announce it will make for a nice surprise!

Tomorrow [Tuesday 29th] we should no result of the BBES ballot, all being well it will be a big ‘Yes’ vote for industrial action. If it is, every BBES site in the country needs be picketed on 7th December as that’s when we expect the first strike day to be and the day for signing new contracts, by all means hit BBES before if you wish, of course.

On Wednesday 30th November in London the next protest will be at Blackfriars, we need to have mass picket like we did the other week, so bring friends and family with you, it doesn’t matter if they aren’t a construction worker. If we bring the tea, the police will probably provide a kettle!!!!

Let’s ‘shut the site’ then join the big ‘Public sector pension [strike]’ march starting at Lincoln in Fields which is near Holborn 12.30pm.

National Rank and File meeting Saturday 3rd December in London 61-65 Great Queen Street, off Kingsway, Holborn, at the ‘Russel Hotel’ Connaught room from 11-2pm. With various speakers from Unite and rank and file committee. This is an important meeting to plan and co-ordinate for the BBES strike, we may need pickets every day from 7th December on BBES sites, all that can be decided on the day. with.

For details of demo’s protests and meetings near you please visit……………

Electricians Against The World

 http ://www . jibelectrician . blogspot . com/

 We need more meetings everywhere. Get in touch and we will help Email

We’ve got them on the run together united we will win, BESNA MY ARSE ! ! !

Wednesday 30th is the 2 million Public Sector Strike Day. There is no doubt that if they win it makes us all stronger and more likely to fight back.

 So……………Victory to the pensions strikers, all 2 million of em!


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