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Ballot what ballot? Walk-outs: Protests: & Demo’s: Can’t wait – won’t wait: Sparks are doing it for themselves!

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on December 7, 2011

Can’t wait – Won’t wait!

Anti Trade union laws brought in by Thatcher under the Tories and left unchanged by Labour under Blair and Brown, never fought by the TUC and Union leaders. It meant that workers were criminalised for doing what was right, that is fighting for pay, pensions and jobs.

So what can be done eh?…….. Rank and file action, that’s what.

Today [7th Dec] the biggest most widespread unofficial action in decades is seeing 1000’s of Balfour Beatty electricians [and others from the rogue 7 companies] taking part in walk-outs, protests, demo’s, and occupations, across England, Scotland and Wales. From Cardiff to London, from Glasgow to Liverpool to Hartlepool and many more besides.

No to BESNA:    No to ACAS:  No to cuts in pay and conditions:
Defend the JIB and then improve it:

And I say: Let’s have elections for all union officials where the members decide who represents them and we can hold them to account!

Let’s end the appointed jobs for life!!

Let’s have a Unite General Secretary on an average wage not a six figure salary!!!

Let’s get the Union back where it belongs, with the grass roots, rank and file members!!!

And Victory to the sparks!!!!


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