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Yes it’s a ‘New Year’ but it’s the ‘Same Fight’ sparks rank and file hasn’t gone away!

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on January 2, 2012

Yes it’s a ‘New Year’ but we still have the ‘Same Fight’.
And the ‘Rank and File’ hasn’t gone away!

The methods of the BESNA 7 are outrageous and a disgrace. It is absolute utter blackmail, they [the BESNA 7] say “sign up to BESNA and face a drop in wages by £240 a week or you will be sacked. Unite officials wouldn’t allow it to happen to themselves so why are they so lacklustre in fighting for us?

Surely this has to be fought with every weapon that Unite has, it cannot go unchallenged?

Unite should be giving 110% backing their members at the coalface, not hiding behind pointless and frivolous tribunals, which, as we and Unite know, have no powers of re-instatement in the event of wrongful dismissal.

This smoke screen in fact only means offering some form of false hope, whilst wasting member’s money again.

To give ourselves a chance of defeating BESNA ‘Rank and File’ sparks and others have to respond by withdrawing our labour and downing tools. If we don’t we are finished and the JIB agreement will be gone forever as other firms are sure to follow the rogue 7 [who have got all the big work]. Anyway you probably won’t get a job on the cards anywhere else.

Agencies will drop the rates as well. Then other trades will have their wages slashed and NAECI will be next for the chop.

Then it may spread into other industries like, engineering, railway maintenance, road works and factories. Would Unite respond any differently to those attacks to our member’s conditions in such circumstances.

We hope they would respond with strike action, instead of p**s balling about like they have done with us in the JIB.

We stand at a cross roads, and there are only 2 directions to go.
‘The road to hell’ or ‘the road to victory’!

We face the biggest challenge to construction workers in our living history, the need to stand firm, solid and determined has never been greater.

Unite must wake up soon and support their members in a meaningful way [strike action!] until they do the ‘Rank and File’ must take on the BESNA 7.

Our class and livelihoods need us more than ever!

Some dates to focus on are……[If you have actions planned please let us know]

January 4th, when the Rank and File committee [from across the regions] are meeting Unite GS Len Mcluskey.

Also on the 4th January 06.45am, there will be a protest in London at a Grattes site in Victoria Howick Place, behind House of Fraser Store. NGB site also close by.

January 4th Welsh sparks demonstrating at Spie Mathew Hall job in Cardiff.

January 9th looks the most likely date for the next ‘big day of action’ details to follow soon.

*January 14th* [to be confirmed] Birmingham, Rank and File meeting.
Reminder: Australian Electrical Trade Union [AETU] have invited for 2 rank and File members to go to Australia in New Year to speak at site meetings. [They will pay for flights and accommodation] any takers? Please let us know.

French construction workers have made contact with us and are looking to participate with solidarity action where some of the BESNA 7 have contracts in France.

Finally, if you need help with expenses to cover producing leaflets or hiring rooms for meetings etc then please contact us.

For details of demos protests and meetings near you please visit……………

Electricians Against The World http ://www . jibelectrician . blogspot . com/

Get in touch with us by Email



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