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Sparks won’t sign away their livihoods

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on January 9, 2012

We won’t sign away our livelihoods.

No matter what pressure we are put under by the rogue 7 we must not sign the BESNA contracts. BBES workers in Scotland have been returning the new contracts unopened to BB head office as have sparks at Spie Matthew Hall along with many others around the country.

On the 4th January ‘Rank and File’ committee members from London, Scotland, Wales, Newcastle, and Manchester met with Unite General Secretary Len Mcluskey to discuss dispute and to get the backing we deserve from Unite.

At the meeting he [Mcluskey] promised full backing for our dispute including financial support, he also said that all construction officers would be committed to the dispute.

We told him that we have been badly let down by FTO’s in most cases, and that new members were generally not impressed with unites part in this dispute.

Mcluskey said this would be addressed, but can we trust him? After all the last General Secretary ‘Derek Simpson’ promised lots of things and then ran off with over £500,000 of our money!

Hopefully Mcluskey will be true to his word, time will tell and there ain’t much of that left!.

A campaign strategy was put forward and a follow up meeting between the Rank & file and Mcluskey was agreed for 3 weeks time. A rank & file ‘sub committee’ was elected by those there to ensure we hold Mcluskey to account at the follow up meeting.

The coming weeks will be make or break for us, let’s get ready for mass walkouts countrywide. The dispute is on a knife edge and could go either way. It is winnable as long as sparks are prepared to take unofficial action if anyone is sacked for not signing new contracts.

Then we will we see if Mcluskey and Unite will give their full backing.

The rogue 7 have been bullying workers into signing since Xmas whilst also offering promises of overtime and longer hours, but actually we need to shorten the working week to 35 hours just like the RMT have done, and they are paid a far superior wage to construction workers. They had to fight for it and construction workers must do the same, one out all out!

It’s ‘do or die’ for us and time to stand up and be counted.

Some planned demo’s/Protests to look out for…..

January 11th London BBES Blackfriars at 6.45am

January 11th Hartlepool power station at 6am

January 11th Manchester NG Bailey Town hall at 6.30am

January 11th Wales Landough Hospital at 7am

January 13th Grangemouth BBES at 630am

January 16th Aberdeen NG Bailey Royal infirmary at 6.30am

National Rank and File meeting January 14th Birmingham 1pm to 4pm Carrs Lane Center, Carrs Lane. Only 10 minutes walk from New Street station.

rank and file PDF Birmingham meeting details

Finally, if you need help with expenses to cover producing leaflets or hiring rooms for meetings etc then please contact us.

For more details of demos protests and meetings near you please visit……………

Electricians Against The World http ://www . jibelectrician . blogspot . com/

Get in touch with us by Email



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