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Posted by jerryhicks4gs on January 11, 2012

Grassroots Left Bulletin January 2012 A Happy new year?!
– Independent of the Union machine – Free from the control of ‘appointed’ officials
– Reclaiming the union/s for the members

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From Jerry Hicks – some stuff that’s going on:

1] Grassroots Left National Conference
…was held in Birmingham on November 5th and was a great success. Debate, discussion and decisions including the election of a Chair [Jerry Hicks]: Secretary [Gerry Downing]: and a Treasurer [Ian Scott] and an NEC, all to serve for 12 months.

2] Unite NEC Election
…for the 2 additional NEC Equality seats. Grassroots Left supporter Lesley Mansell far exceeded the required number of nominations required to stand for the equality seat in the forthcoming NEC election. Outrageously however she has been informed that Unite are challenging her eligibility to stand. We are on to it and will contest the challenge. Lesley’s letter to branches, when seeking nomination struck a real chord with members. In my view it is the principles and politics including the call for the election of all officials and for confronting anti union laws that has led to Unite seeking to debar Lesley from standing, to stop getting to our million plus members with that message.

3] Grassroots/Rank and File branch organisation
……..I have sent a letter to all those branches that nominated [me] in the last General Secretary election, floating the idea of a Grassroots/rank and file branch organisation. All too often when a branch contacts the union they are completely ignored. So our objective is to co-ordinate branches with common issues, to can act collectively instead of individually. I can say that I have already had an excellent response. Please let me know if you want to be involved.

4] Reinstate Unite organiser ‘Kevin Robins’
…….We believe he has been unfairly dismissed, in fact victimised by Unite simply for doing what Unite officials should be doing – Standing up for workers. Kevin is a Grassroots Left supporter, a member of Unite and the GMB union, as many of Unite’s employees are. However, throughout Kevin’s 12 months suspension and 7 months imposed “garden leave” followed by his sacking, his requests for help and support as a Unite member were denied.

Our demand is that Unite should reinstate him immediately. Notwithstanding that, if Kevin is successful in what almost certainly will be a tribunal case against Unite, then the union should honour the tribunals’ decision and reinstate Kevin. Please raise this at your branch/workplace and write to Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey. We need to investigate why Unite is letting down members and attacking employees who want to improve the union.

Kevin can be contacted on (mob) 07952321675 or by his email

5] Grass Roots Left NEC: Saturday January 21st 12pm to 4pm
…….. Upstairs in the Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB –       Everyone welcome [though only elected members can vote, should that arise].

6] Simpson’s £’sss severance. It’s our money and we want it back.
……To give Unite one last chance to ‘do the right thing’ I have written to the Union’s Trustees setting out the case and method by which to pursue and retrieve the £1/3 million of our money. If you would like a copy of the letter [6 pages] let me know

7] GRL leaflets ‘DIY’
….Many ‘Grassroots Left supporters’ are raising their own leaflets on issues affecting them, e.g. in Birmingham, Northampton and most recently London GRL have raised leaflets around two separate buses disputes and also for the recent PCS Left Unity conference. Let me know if you would like me to email copies of the leaflets

8] Rank and File ‘sparks’ National meeting
……….14th January, Birmingham, 1pm-4pm, Carr’s Lane Centre, Carr’s Lane. Only 10mins walk from New Street Station. All welcome. For details of the dispute and dates for demos/protests take a look at Electricians Against The world or email

9] UCATT election for General Secretary
…took place without Mick Dooley as a candidate, who was disgracefully debarred from standing. He is challenging that decision; we offer him our support in his challenge and will keep you updated.

Finally, we have recently opened a ‘Grassroots Left’ bank account [Just waiting for the paperwork / account details] and will be asking for donations very soon.

See you on the next demo or at the GRL NEC January 21st……….

 Be part of the Grassroots Left
Fighting for a bottom up – member led – member controlled opposition
Not in Unite? Come along or get in touch about meeting GRL supporters in your union or sector
Contact us:

Tel 07817827912
Twitter @jerryhicksUnite


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