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Sparks message to Unite ‘Get the ballot right this time’!

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on January 16, 2012

Sparks message to Unite ‘Get the ballot right this time’!

Unite have announced a new ballot timetable of BBES. Ballot papers should be going out in the coming days. The result should be known by 2nd February, then Unite by law [anti union] has to give 7 days notice before any strike action can begin, that would bring us up to 9th February.

We have no doubt that it will be a resounding YES vote again maybe with an even bigger majority than the last time. All being well [get it right eh!] we will be on strike this time with no challenges from Balfours.

However, Unite will not be balloting NGB or SPIE Mathew, they say that we “have not enough members yet” How can this be? What have the officials been doing for the last 6 months? Get your finger out and recruit!

Even so the on February 9th we should be seeing strike action at BBES, that being the case, we must hit every Balfour site in the country no matter how big or small, even if they have no workers directly employed, they love an agency do Balfours.

Unite must give full backing to the ‘rank and file’ by providing us with buses to ferry pickets around, seeing as Unite have members who are bus drivers we can’t go wrong!

A strike fund must be set up as well as supplying us with ‘flags’ ‘banners’ and ‘placards’. Every single construction officer should be on standby for picketing, get your donkey jackets out of the cupboard, even a few oil drums, and get the fires going, set up proper picket lines. United as one to defeat the BESNA 7!

If things kick off with BBES in February, no doubt other sites will support the BBES strike, and walkout in solidarity with their brothers. We need to and can escalate the strike to a national stoppage.

Rank and File national meeting report………..

Last Saturday 14th there was a national ‘Rank and File’ meeting in Birmingham, with more than 80 in attendance, including sparks from, Scotland, London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Newcastle. Gail Cartmail Unite AGS [appointed] gave an update on the dispute, the ballot, and plans for the future.

A proposal was put to Cartmail by the meeting for: An ELECTED rank and File member to be taken on by Unite’ in every region as organisers for the dispute.

The aim would be for them to visit sites informing workers about the dispute, and recruiting as many new members as possible. There are some brilliant activists ex shop stewards who are blacklisted an unemployed who we know would do a fantastic job for Unite.

Cartmail agreed that she would put the proposal to the General Secretary Len Mcluskey.

The meeting of ‘rank and file’ also agreed to target NGB across the country week beginning 23rd January. They [NGB] have a sites in nearly every big City.

The biggest decision with the greatest potential effect was when the meeting agreed that “If any stewards or workers are sacked during the coming weeks, a mass walkout will take place”.

The meeting concluded with a decision to meet again in Birmingham on 4th February, where we can plan around the strike action [pending the result].


Some planned demo’s/Protests to look out for…..

18th wed January London 645am T Clarks, Park House, Oxford Street

18th Wed January London 630pm Construction Branch Meeting Conway Hall

18th wed January Cardiff 7.00am Spie Mathew Hall, Llandough hospital

21st Sat January Cardiff 10.30 Rank & File meeting Unite HQ Cathedral Rd

25th Jan London 6.45am NGB Cross Rail Kings Cross Station Platform 9/10

25th Wed Jan London 6.30pm Rank and File Meeting Conway Hall Holborn

2 Feb Wed January London 6.45am GRATTES Victoria.

We need to build up numbers on all the protests so spread the word, don’t sit in doors expecting others to fight the fight, we owe it to our class, our children and grandchildren.

The rogue 7 are determined to get this BENSA through, we must be even more determined and resolute to force the contract where the sun don’t shine.

Then sort out the whole JIB agreement by starting a fresh. And perhaps getting a national rate across the country for all sparks no more ‘London waiting’ or ‘country rates’ how about £25 an hour as a starting point.

We should push for elected ‘Rank and File’ members to be part of a negotiating team and then a vote on a new deal.

No more sweetheart deals thank-you very much!

For more details of demos protests and meetings near you please visit…..

Electricians Against The World http ://www . jibelectrician . blogspot . com/

Get in touch with us by Email



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