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Sparks week of protest at NGBailey sites

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on January 23, 2012

Sparks week of protest at NGBailey sites
NGB / No Go Besna

Ballot papers gone out for BBES a yes vote is imperative for strike action to be able to begin on 9th February.

This week coming is ‘NGB’ week where Rank and File sparks are hitting ‘NGB’ sites countrywide. It’s time to up our game. This is an important week of demonstrations and it is imperative that we make a huge impression on as many sites as we can.

That means this Wednesday 25th Jan in London we will target Kings Cross Station, platform 9/10 at 645am.

Manchester has chosen the Town Hall Wednesday 25th Jan..

Whilst in Scotland they have a number of protests planned for NG Bailey Week listed below………

Monday 23rd Jan – Morrisons, Gallowgate, Glasgow at 7.30am then on to head office in Bellshill.

Tuesday 24th Jan – Gore Tex factory, Livingston at 7.15am.

Wednesday 25th Jan – Exhibition Centre, Edinburgh at 7.15am.

Friday 27th Jan – Aberdeen Royal Infirmary at 7.15am. Anyone want to travel to Aberdeen? Can you get in touch as soon as possible.

Saturday 28th Jan – Demo & Rally 10am Glasgow City Centre, John Smith House

Let’s have a huge turn out this week and show Baileys that we are not going away and show our support for the Bailey workers.

If you know of any ‘NGB’ site on your area please do your best to protest on the site, and hit it hard!

Unofficial action will also be needed to win this dispute and a total shutdown would be the answer.
We must prepare for this it’s a massive step because it will required if we are to give ourselves a greater a chance of winning. Also “If any stewards or workers are sacked during the coming weeks, a mass walkout must take place”.

25th January 6.30pm London Rank and File meeting in Conway Hall Holborn

The ‘recalled’ National Rank and File meeting Birmingham 4th Feb 1-4pm Carrs Lane Cantre, Carrs Lane, is a very important meeting, we should have the ballot result plus first strike date by then, so we need to get a plan together the actions to be taken the following week throughout the UK. If anyone needs assistance with travel costs to Birmingham please let us know as soon as possible. Email

In a change at the top of Unite, Kevin Coyne a National Officer [appointed] has been drafted in to assist Bernard McAuley, which is badly needed. 4 National rank and File Committee members will be meeting with him [Kevin Coyne] and we will be able to discuss dispute and to make our feelings very clear, on Thursday 26th January at the Unite head office in London at 5.30pm. Let’s hope this is a change for the better.

Finally, on a different note ‘Blacklisted’ engineer and ex UCATT member, Dave Smith had his Industrial Tribunal last week against Carrillion for blacklisting him. Despite the revelations coming out in the tribunal about police involvement and Carrillion admitting that they did indeed ‘Blacklisted’ Dave, the case was lost! The Tribunal ruled that Dave was not an employee but that he had worked for various agencies, so much for justice!
We believe this case will now go to the Courts in Europe. Good luck Dave, keep up the fight brother and you can count on our support!

For more details of demos protests and meetings near you please visit…..

Electricians Against The World http ://www . jibelectrician . blogspot . com/

Get in touch with us by Email



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