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Be part of the Grass Roots and Vote for Lesley Mansell Unite NEC

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on January 24, 2012

Grassroots Left Bulletin January 24th
– Independent of the Union machine – Free from the control of ‘appointed’ officials
– Reclaiming the union/s for the members.

Become a member / supporter. Get involved: Be part of it:
We have recently opened a ‘Grassroots Left’ bank account and are asking for donations/Standing orders [click here] GRL_Standing order form/Membership [click here]  GRL_Membership_form

1] Unite NEC Election Vote for ‘Lesley Mansell’ ‘LGBT’ seat x [Print off election leaflet here] Vote for Lesley Mansell LGBT NEC seat

Balloting begins 30th January forms must to be returned by 22nd Feb.
Challenges by Unite to Lesley being able to stand for one of the newly established NEC seats ‘LGBT’, which were in my view completely frivolous, have been knocked back. That means there will be 3 candidates, the other 2 may well be OK but Lesley is outstanding.

– She will be the only one that calls for the members to decide who represents them by the election of all officials.

She will be the only one who calls for a fundamental change in Unites relationship with the Labour Party, funding only those MPs or councils who support our policies.

One million members will be getting a ballot paper and the election address, so this is our opportunity to engage with members with our unique arguments.
Please get the message out there ‘VOTE FOR LESLEY MANSELL’ X

2] Grassroots/Rank and File branch organisation
Join the communication list of organised branches email  -The objective: To co-ordinate branches with common issues, to can act collectively instead of individually–

We can do this immediately by adopting this resolution at your branch meeting for Policy conference.

‘We call upon Unite to immediately offer re-instatement to any employee or officer of the union when an industrial tribunal finds Unite guilty of unfair dismissal’.

3] Grass Roots Left NEC: Held in London on January 21st
The meeting went really well, thanks to all those who travelled to be there and make the debate both interesting and wide ranging, plus some fantastic reports of local GRL activities and campaigns. Email  for a copy of the minutes available [when they are written up].

4] Simpson’s £’sss severance. It’s our money and we want it back.
No surprise but nonetheless still disappointing, we have had no response from Unite or the Trustees. So we plan the next step. Watch this space!

5] Rank and File ‘sparks’.
For the very latest at Visit Electricians Against The world or email

6] UCATT General Secretary Election
Mick Dooley has lodged a complaint with the ‘Certification Officer’ re: being debarred from standing. We support in his challenge and will keep you updated.

Get in touch about meeting GRL supporters in your union or sector

 Tel 07817827912

 Twitter @jerryhicksUnite

 Join the growing number of people who want to get the union/s back.
Be part of the Grassroots Left
Fighting for: Bottom up, member led, member controlled Unions.


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