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Less than 11 days to vote: Lets get a Grass Roots voice on Unites NEC

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on February 11, 2012

From Jerry Hicks: Have you voted in the Unite NEC election yet? Even if you have the chances are 90% of our members haven’t got round to it or even thought about voting. Every vote is important: Let’s get a ‘grass roots’ voice on the NEC.

So please ask your mates, colleagues, friends and family [Unite members] to Vote for Lesley Mansell ‘LGBT’ seat x Unite NEC Election. Ballot papers have to be returned and received by no later than 22nd February.

Lesley is not only an outstanding candidate, importantly…………

– She will be the only one that calls for the election of all officials.
– She will be the only one who calls for a fundamental change in Unites relationship with the Labour Party, funding only those MPs or councils who support our policies.

Get phoning / emailing / texting / tweeting and all sorts of other stuff, like talking to all those Unite members that you know. Ask them to send off their ballot paper with a X in the box and ‘vote for Lesley Mansell’

Contact Lesley on mobile 07980 695 117 or Email

 Visit and



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