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Unite LGBT NEC result ‘Party in a brewery’ springs to mind.

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on February 22, 2012

Unite LGBT election results

Grass Roots Left candidate Lesley Mansell came a close second in the Unite election for the LGBT post on the union’s executive.

However a branch that had nominated Lesley Mansell found that their branch name was credited to Mcnulty [the United Left candidate] and informed Unite.

We have since discovered 3 more branches that had nominated Lesley Mansell were  wrongly credited to Mcnulty and all 4 appeared alongside his election address which was sent with the ballot papers to every member, giving a completely false impression of nomination totals.

Consequently we are considering a challenge to the result and the election may well be re-run due to ‘discrepancies’.

[Len McCluskey was elected in 2010 as General Secretary on a United Left ticket and is the returning officer in this election].

votes cast and %

Mansell 16,083 [ 25.7%]

McNulty 17,275  [27.6%]

Wadwell 14,270  [22.8%]

Weissensteiner 11,592  [18.5%]

Spoilt papers: 3,445  [5.5%]

Turnout 62,665 [approx 5% of total membership]


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