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Get your leg broken when assaulted by the police, then find out you are on the construction ‘Blacklist’ What are the chances of that eh?!

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on March 4, 2012

Hello! Hello! hello! What have we here then?!

 Get your leg broken by the police on a picket line. 

Then find out you are on the ‘Construction Blacklist’.

 What are the chances of that eh?!

I know that 2 and 2 dosen’t always make [police] 5……. but in 2009 I joined construction workers on a picket line at Staythorpe power station.

Within an hour I was assaulted by a police officer who had no number displayed, and, with a smile on his face he broke my leg.

I never took it personally, even when weeks later the Nottinghamshire CID rang me on my home phone to ‘have a word’.

Two of them came to my house with copies of the video they took that day at Staythorpe, but wouldn’t you know the only thing they failed to film was the attack on me.

This year I discovered that although I am not in the industry, I had my own file on the infamous construction blacklist.

Now it all adds up. Doh!

See today’s [Sunday] Observer

And: Police are linked to blacklist of construction workers

Jerry Hicks can be contacted on 07817827912


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