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Just another week for the ‘Rank and File’ sparks. What’s coming up.

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on March 4, 2012

[Just] Another week for the ‘Rank and File’. What’s coming up.

Tomorrow [Monday] a date should be sorted for a ‘combine (not harvester) meeting’ which is when we the ‘Rank and File’ will sit down and with Unite and ELECT a committee to possibly go into talks with the bosses over a new JIB deal.

There are rumours of BESNA mark 2 Well stuff that!. BESNA is dead and buried as far as we are concerned.

We expect to have half of the number on this committee made up from the ‘Rank and File’ which is only right and proper as our dispute has been led from day one by the ‘Rank and File’.

Imagine if had been left to Bernard [moving forward] McAulay, we would be still trying to build an army and looking still for starting point of the marathon “cos it’s not a sprint”. Thank heavens for the cancerous ‘Rank and File’ group led by that wrecker Jerry Hicks! [Still waiting for that public apology Bernard]

Once the combine committee is sorted we need to arrange a national meeting for the ‘Rank and File’ members to discuss and decide what we want from any talks.

This continues our tradition of workers democracy. We must report back to the members as talks proceed and eventually we would conduct a ballot for acceptance or rejection of any deal [more democracy, crikey we will be known as the construction workers Democratic Party soon]

It’s often said that Trade Unionists’ live in the past, actually we learn from the past and we have been stitched up on numerous occasions in times gone by especially by EETPU, AEEU and Amicus, remember Hardacre? [Let’s not mention that wretch to much he might resurface!]

So we need to make sure there are ‘no sell outs’ this time round, or any ‘sweetheart deals’ all that has got to stop once and for all.

Blacklisting finally got the coverage that it has always deserved, with the Sunday Observer having it as their front page story. Well done to blacklist support group, 100 cases are being taken on by Guney Clark and Ryan if you are unsure if you are blacklisted contact information commissioner’s office asap and GCR on 0207 275 7788 ask for Liam Dunne.

This week’s meetings confirmed so far…………….

Manchester Monday 5th March 7.30pm: Unite Contracting Branch meeting Mechanics Institute.
London Wednesday 7th March 6.30pm: ‘Rank and File’ meeting Conway Hall, Holborn. All construction workers welcome. Confirmed speaker ‘Dean Mighel’ Australian electrical trade union organiser.

London Sat 10th March 8.30pm til 3am: ‘Sparks victory party’ Big Chill Bar, Grays Inn Rd, Kings Cross. Free entry: On the decks and MC for the night Sean Prophet. All welcome if you need help with travel or digs for the night contact

For more info please visit….. Electricians Against The World http ://www . jibelectrician . blogspot . com/

Get in touch with us by Email

That’s all for now folks keep on keeping on…………………….


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