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Tribunal finds UCATT guilty of unjustifiable treatment of election cadidate ‘Mick Dooley’.

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on March 16, 2012


Tribunal finds UCATT guilty of unjustifiable treatment of election candidate Mick Dooley.

The Employment Tribunal in South London has again found against troubled construction Trade Union UCATT for the unjustifiable treatment of Michael Dooley, by disbarring him from being a candidate for Unions General Secretary election held in November last year.

The tribunal reached a decision on the 14 March 2012 after Dooley issued proceedings against UCATT claiming that the union had acted unlawfully when the refused to allow him to be a candidate.

Judge Hall –Smith said in his judgment “The Claimants complaint is that the Respondent (UCATT) infringed his right not to be unjustifiably disciplined as one of its members is well founded.”

UCATT by not contesting the complaint left themselves open to the judgment being awarded against them.

Michael Dooley said “Once again the courts have found against UCATT in their treatment of a union member. It has been a long road and there seems no end to the embarrassment for UCATT, whilst I am pleased with the result, there are no winners “

For their own reasons UCATT did not contest the complaint, Dooley added “It was not a secret that I was complaining about my treatment. I am awaiting a further hearing on the remedy. UCATT will probably appeal like the always do and spend more members money rather than try to stop this spiral of destruction”

Last year UCATT stopped Dooley from standing as a candidate in the election for their General Secretary position, which he was tipped to win, following the expose of financial malpractice in the union and an illegal election.

In February 2012 UCATT expelled Dooley from the builders union for what they say was unjustifiable criticism and swearing in front of a Banner. He won his unfair dismissal claim when he was sacked from his union job in November last year.

In 2011 He won his case that the union held an illegal election. In December last year another union officer Dave Short also won a Tribunal case for disability discrimination and unfair dismissal and recently Noel Kelly a pensioner and member took court proceedings which exposed the misuse of member’s funds leading to the resignation of the former UCATT General Secretary Alan Ritchie.

The union are now charging members the equivalent of a week’s wages £350 just to see the accounts of their own union.


Notes to editors: Michael Dooley can be contacted on: Tel: 07960032101
Steve Murphy General Secretary of UCATT can be contacted on Tel: 0207 6222442.

UCATT [Union of Construction Allied Trades & Technicians] is the construction industry main union and is based in Clapham, London.



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