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The ‘Rank and File’ won the BESNA battle. Now let’s go on and win the war.

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on March 20, 2012

The ‘Rank and File’ won the BESNA battle.
Now let’s go on and win the war.

At the weekend ‘Rank and File’ meetings were held in England and Scotland, with Wales meeting this coming Saturday.

In Manchester round 100 sparks and supporters discussed the 20 points that form ‘our agenda’ for any future talks with the bosses.

There was an excellent atmosphere at the meeting with a good discussion especially regarding appointed convenors on sites. This will have to end in our union and be replaced with elected reps.

There was a lot of discussion about agencies, it was agreed that a priority must be given to rooting them [agencies] out of our industry.

It was reported to the meeting that in London last week there was a protest at the Shard, with the focus on the lack of direct employment. Well over 50 demonstrated and leafleted.

Agencies are the scourge of the industry, exploiting workers, these agencies pay under the rate, no holiday pay, no sick pay and they fire us at will.

Mace has loads of sites in London and T Clarke are the main contractor being used by Mace, these protests will continue weekly.

We urge everyone to do the same in your areas. Let’s send the message out loud and clear ‘No agencies wanted’ ‘Direct employment only!’

This will build our organisation and make it easier to recruit people into the Union, plus we then elect stewards on all sites. All of which will help to bring about an end to blacklisting.

‘Rank and File have a seat at the table’.

On the 14th march there was a combine meeting held in London, which at times became quite heated! The result however was 7 Rank and File were elected onto the combine along with site stewards.

The next step will be negotiations with the companies in the JIB, this will be with full involvement of the Rank and File. Regular reports backs are an absolute must to avoid any sweetheart deals or sell outs.

Protests/Demos that we are aware of this week……………………

Wednesday 21st March 7am: London: The Shard, London Bridge. [Direct employment for all].

Friday 23rd March 7am: Glasgow: New South, Glasgow, Hospital. [Against the use of non sparks and demand for Unite representation].

Monday 26th March 7.30pm: Hartlepool: Belle Vue Social Club.

All in all just another momentous week for the Rank and File. Together ‘united’ we will win and reclaim our union and our industry.

For more info please visit….. Electricians Against The World http ://www . jibelectrician . blogspot . com/

Get in touch with us by Email

‘No BESNA mark 2’ ‘The struggle continues’.


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