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Where others may fear to tread. The Rank and File will bodly go.

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on March 26, 2012

Where others may fear to tread
The Rank and File construction workers will boldly go.

Looks like Trade Union leaders have lost their bottle again, with the 28th March ‘Public Sector Pensions Fight’ being a bit of a damp squid.

But if nothing else happens on the 28th March…………. ‘Rank and File’ construction workers will be protesting as always. In London it will be at the Shard, London Bridge 7am.

The weekly protests are over the lack of direct employment. Nearly all building workers are forced to work for dodgy agencies, pay rates are well below the national agreed rates, no sick pay, no holiday pay and used and abused and sacked without a minutes notice.

If your unions not on strike on Wednesday, why not come and join the ‘Rank and File’ construction workers, it’s always lively and there might even be a bit of the TUC supported ‘Civil Disobedience’. We really look forward to seeing the appointed TUC General Secretary Mr Brendan Barber there!!!!!

First Combine meeting next week.

On the 5th April is the first combine meeting proper after the elections and the ‘Rank and File are well represented it’s at Unite HQ Holborn at 1130am.

Blacklisting publicity continues to go well thanks to the ‘blacklisting support group.’

Michael Meacher and John Mcdonnel have raised the issue of ‘blacklisting’ in Parliament.

It’s going well in Europe and here in the High Court where a case has been lodged. We’ve also had coverage on BBC Bristol TV and Radio with Jerry Hicks.

Show your support and solidarity for Rank and file stalwart Mick Dooley.

Mick Dooley is still under the cosh from UCATT and has court cases pending, the first being on the 18th and 19th April. Any support for Mick is most welcome, and donations to a fighting fund would be great.

Please make cheques payable to ‘Friends of Mick Dooley’ send to address 27 Surbiton Road, Southend on Sea, Essex; SS2 4NR

Finally, for now: The new edition of the ‘siteworker’ is out, so if you want some sent to you contact and we will post them to you.

For more info please visit….. Electricians Against The World http ://www . jibelectrician . blogspot . com/

Keep up the good fight until next week ………..


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