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Grass Roots Left Bulletin update March 28th

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on March 28, 2012

Grassroots Left Bulletin March 28th

 Independent of the Union machine – Free from the control of ‘appointed’ officials
– Reclaiming the union/s for the members.

Please consider becoming a member and/or make a donation.
See forms attached for details. Standing orders/Membership/ Donations
Treasurer, Grassroots Left, 8 Caversham Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham B44 0LN.

1] Unite LGBT NEC result: The phrase ‘Party in a brewery’ springs to mind!
Grass Roots Left candidate Lesley Mansell came a close second in the recent Unite election for the LGBT post on the union’s executive.
Votes cast and %
Mansell 16,083 [ 25.7%]
McaNulty 17,275 [27.6%]
Wadwell 14,270 [22.8%]
Weissensteiner 11,592 [18.5%]
Spoilt papers: 3,445 [5.5%]
Turnout 62,665 [approx 5% of total membership]

However, 4 branches that had nominated Lesley Mansell were wrongly credited to Mcanulty and all 4 appeared alongside his election address which was sent with the ballot papers to every member, giving a completely false impression of nomination totals. We have discovered that no other candidate had any such errors! Lesley has submitted a complaint through the internal procedures challenging the legitimacy of the result. If the response is not satisfactory we will be progressing the case to the Certification Office.

2] GRL media breakthrough. Jerry Hicks on BBC TV and Radio:
Please Click on the link to view ‘Sunday’s Politics show’. Skip to 42 minutes for the start of item on Privatisation, Strikes & Trade unions [Jerry at 45 minutes 40 seconds]

Also: BBC Radio Bristol ‘Saturday surgery’ Click on link to listen to Jerry’s interview ‘Unfair dismissal: Blacklisting: Right & wrong:’ at 2hrs 36mins.

3] Next Grass Roots Left NEC: This Saturday 31st March, The Cock Tavern, Near Euston Station, London 12 to 4pm. Everyone welcome [though only elected NC can vote].

4] Simpson’s £’sss severance. We received no response from either the Unite General Secretary or from the Trustees. However, there may be some bad news, in that Unite NEC has ‘accepted’ a report on the matter of the severance. Which may validate the payment!

5] Rank and File ‘sparks’. An amazing struggle & a remarkable victory. February saw the culmination of a 6 month battle against the rogue employers who had sought to impose the BESNA agreement and with it a %35 pay cut. The result was a remarkable victory for the sparks Rank and File. One by one the 8 rogue BESNA firms were brought to their knees falling like dominoes. The bosses were hit by the industrial equivalent to a tsunami.

6] GRL extend a send a message of support and solidarity to GE. GE aviation are the latest to be involved in a struggle to defend their pensions from attack by the employer. You’ll recall the GRL Neil Armitage [GE] stood for as a NEC candidate.

7] UCATT General Secretary Election: Mick Dooley is at the ‘Certification Officer’ re: being debarred from standing. On April 18th and 19th in London we will keep you updated.

And finally, What’s in a name? Tory treasurers, new and old: Crud[as]= dirty substance: Fink = contemptible person: P.S. Cleg[g] = horsefly and you know what they pitch on!

Join the growing number of people who want to get the union/s back.
Be part of the Grassroots Left
Fighting for bottom up, member led, member controlled Unions.

Email Tel 07817827912 Follow Jerry Hicks on Twitter #@JerryHicksUnite



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