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Tories 8 points behind Labour: Is it because they are crap?

Posted by jerryhicks4gs on April 24, 2012

Tories 8 points behind Labour: Is it because they are crap?

Or because Ed Miliband hasn’t be seen nor heard for ages?

Probably both!

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This week’s tweets…………………………………

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite Tories 8 points behind Lab via @guardian I’m chuffed but is it cos they R crap + Ed Milly’s not been seen/heard 4 ages

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite MP says Get back to work! I say what work 3m are already looking! Thousands across Bristol to lose incapacity benefits

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite Lansley backs lower pay for NHS staff in poorer areas via @guardian Did Guardian rec vote Lib Dem? Now in Lansleys Gov!

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite I hear in America people think David Cameron was the director of Titanic…..When over here everyone knows he is the captain of the Titanic

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite Cameron family fortune made in tax havens via @guardian : No surprise but it still makes me feel sick in the gut.

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite A day in the life of Bristol Labour MP @KerryMP Saw Con Dems destroying the country & decided to have a go at postal workers. Tough choices!

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite @KerryMP @Bristolcwu Bristol Labour MP chooses to have a go at postal workers, if she saw them as squeezed middle she’d kiss there butts!

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite Ken Livingstone refuses to share a platform with BNP on BBC debate ‘No platform for fascists’!

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite Wildcat action wins reinstatement of colleague: BBC News – Metro bus drivers go back to work in Belfast

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite Us & them used to be workers & bosses Brendan retiring at 62 & his pension? Next TUC Gen Sec to be elected by us & why not aveage wage

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite Ever found yourself wondering what day it is? Well there is no point asking Theresa May or the Home Office!

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite The sTory so far Granny tax-Pasty tax-Rich tax cut-Job cuts-Benefit cuts-Petrol panic-Tuition fees up-Pension age up- All with Lib Dem help

Jerry Hicks‏@JerryHicksUnite‘The truck stops here’: Unite tanker drivers reject ACAS plans Support the tanker drivers.


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