Jerry Hicks For General Secretary

Jerry Hicks Campaign Blog


My personal history

Joined AEU when started work at Rolls Royce Bristol in 1975 as an apprentice

Elected as Shop Steward in 1984

Elected as Deputy Convener in 1987

Elected as Convener for the Test Areas in 1990

Elected to the Amicus National Executive Committee in 2003 (polling the highest vote in the Aerospace and Shipbuilding sector).

In 2003 I was offered a Full Time Officers Job with the Union by Derek Simpson, but declined his offer as this would have been an appointment and so against my belief that officers should be elected by and accountable to the members.

In June of 2005 a 48 hour occupation of the ‘Test Areas’ saved the jobs of two fitters who were facing dismissal. Six weeks later I was sacked by Rolls Royce using trumped up charges, unfounded allegations and anti union legislation.  A tribunal pre-hearing found in my favour and that in all probability I was sacked for Trade Union activities i.e. victimised.

In 2008-9 I stood for election as Joint General Secretary in the Amicus section of UNITE.  I secured nearly 40,000 votes, coming second of the four candidates, only behind the incumbent Derek Simpson, who received around 60,000 votes.


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